Here are some common questions we receive about PL8PIC

Q. Is it legal to take pictures of license plates?
A. Yes, it is legal to take pictures of license plates, whether they are on a vehicle or not.

Q. Is it ok to take pictures of license plates?
A. Yes, because PL8PIC has no personal information as to the identity of the license plate owner. In other words, PL8PIC has no idea who owns or drives the vehicles or the registration of the license plates for the pictures taken by PL8PIC users. PL8PIC is not a tracking device, rather PL8PIC users create a snapshot of one vehicle at a given point on a given day. 

Q. How does PL8PIC work then, if PL8PIC doesn't have any vehicle or license plate registration information?
A. Law enforcement officials and insurance companies have their own identifiable information regarding vehicle and license plate registration. PL8PIC doesn't have any license plate owner information but the members of law enforcement and insurance compaines can compare the pictures and data uploaded by the PL8PIC app with the data in their own databases.

Q. Why can't I see the pictures of the license plates on my Places I've Visited map?
A. For users who have registered for the free version of PL8PIC, the locations where you have taken images will appear as markers on your Places I've Visited map. For paid users, the image that you took will appear on the Places I've Visited map in addition to the marker.  

Q. Why can't I see the pictures of the license plates in other people's profiles?
A. For safety reasons, only users like law enforcement entities, insurance companies, or other certified users may view other users' pictures. 

Q. Why can't I search for license plates?
A. You must purchase a Premium Membership in order to search for license plates. The search results include the date, image, and location of the image.    

Q. Why don't I have any Warnings?
A. You must purchase a Premium Membership to receive Warnings. Once you have purchased a Premium Membership, you can search for license plates. If you search for a license plate and the license isn't found, PL8PIC will continue to search for it until it is found. When it is found, you will be sent a Warnings notice, both to your Warnings page and as a push notification. But, you must have an active Premium Membership to receive these notifications.

Q. What is the difference between an Alert and a Warning?
A. An Alert is sent to all users, whether you are using the free version or whether you have paid for a Premium Membership. An Alert of a missing vehicle, wanted fugitive, or missing person is sent to all users' Alert pages and also as a push notification to mobile devices of all registered PL8PIC users within 250 miles of an Alert. A Warning happens when a paid Premium Member receives a notification that a license plate which the paid user has been searching for has been found by another PL8PIC user.

Q. Why does the map on my app not show my current location in the Places I've Visited block or on the Warnings page? It shows the Atlantic Ocean or Africa.
A. You must touch the compass in the top right corner of the map to take you to your current location. To ensure your location is accurate, make sure that you have a solid wirless or Internet connect and make sure your location services is enabled in your celluar device.

Q. What is the message "Geolocation denied by user?" 
A. You have to allow your browser the ability to locate your position for some of the pages and functions of the PL8PIC program to work properly. Additionally, some versions of Chrome do not allow the Java extension to show your location in certain fields on some pages. If this is the issue, please try another browser.

Q. Why is the Places I've Visited map or the Warnings page show a blank box? 
A. Try opening the page in a different browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Some versions of Chrome no longer support the extension necessary to find your location and show this in those boxes.

Q. Why does PL8PIC not recognize the license plates from all countries? 
The current version of PL8PIC only works on license plates with an English/Latin alphabet (A, B, C, etc.) and Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.). We hope to integrate other languages and numeral systems in future versions of the program. For the most part, PL8PIC works best in North America. 

Q. Why do some of the images I have taken appear to be in the Atlantic Ocean? I wasn't in the Atlantic Ocean when I took the picture.  
A. It could either be that your location services for your phone were not turned on when you used PL8PIC or that you were in a remote location when you took the picture and our system could not detect where you took the picture. 

Q. What is the benefit of using PL8PIC?
A. You just might help find a missing person, wanted fugitive, or missing vehicle. Wouldn't that be great?


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